Trippy Sama

Ambient from New Delhi, Delhi, India

Tags  worldmusic  live  folk  classical  ambient  chill-out  medtitation 

Trippy Sama is a world music project, bringing together musicians from Indonesia and India.


Trippy Sama is a world music project reflecting meditative ambient and Indian classical music performed by: Arman Ali Reza Dehlvi, Bintang Manira Manik, Hemant Chakraborty, Kartikeya Vashisht , Makrand Sanon , Rahul Sharma & Jayant Parashar.


Their music reflects influences from Indian classical, Indonesian, Australian, Middle Eastern and African music.
Few musicians came together in New Delhi (IND), on the basis of sharing classical music knowledge, from different countries and musical backgrounds. They started with a fundamental idea of merging NAD (vibrations). They believe in the cosmic connection amongst themselves and every ear in the world, aiming at natural healing by the power of trippy sounds giving the listeners a mysterious, intense and an emotional experience. The incredible voices, a huge number of classical instruments, electronic beat and bass, merged together, are the composite layers of the holy sound of TRIPPY SAMA. This music touches your skin and goes through all your veins!


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